Katara Vasher


I am from Hanover PA and was introduced to the disc golf sport about a year ago. Quickly I fell in love with the sport and realized there was a much bigger community then I thought.

One thing I love about disc golf is getting to introduce new players and help grow the game. I love seeing people of all ages out on the course and getting to meet new people. I am also sponsored by gripper and ripper disc golf as well which is a local company located in spring grove pa. I have had the pleasure of learning the sport from some pros and I’m hoping to build my game this year and pull some victories!

What’s in my bag?

  • Sidewinder, Avenger SS, Roadrunner
  • Sapphire, Diamond, Jade, River, Bandit, Passion, Leopard3, Underworld
  • Archer, Zone, Buzzz, Gazelle
  • Pa4

My “Go-To” disc:


  • Hanover, PA