John Reynolds


Hi my name is John Reynolds I am 47 years old and play in MA40 division. I’ve been playing disc golf for 11 years now and is the best hobby I have I wish I was introduced alot sooner 😆.

Last year I started running my own tags league at our newly redesigned disc golf course and have 45 players that support me as well as I support them. This year I’m im starting to help out at tournaments and becoming an assistant TD. I look forward to running my own event this year after getting some instruction from our TD. I played in 7 tournaments last year and my top finish was 3rd. This year I will be in 14 tournaments so there’s more chances to enjoy this awesome sport of disc golf and hopefully get a win 😆.

I am thankful that KDG has chosen me to be a team member I will do my best on and off the course to represent the team!

What’s in my bag?

  • Innova Tern, Destroyer, Wraith, Beast, DGA Rouge
  • Sidewinder, Roadrunner, Teebird, Eagle
  • Zombie, Buzzz, Meteor, Gator3
  • MVP Electron Altom

My “Go-To” disc:


  • Edinburg, VA