Jeff McCullough Jr.


Between managing my career as property manager/ realtor and raising three kiddos my life is very busy. Disc golf has grown into my main hobby and a welcome distraction from the rest of life.

I have played since the turn of the century and have managed to get many other people hooked over the years. But over the last couple years I have turned that hobby into a passion! When I moved into my current residence I quickly designed a practice hole, 6 years later that practice hole is known as “hole 1” at The Gorge. Starting with 9 holes, then 9 more the next year, and now in 2022 holding the first PDGA tiered event at the course is one way I’m trying to grow the sport locally.

I am also closely involved with all the courses around the Indiana county area. Helping to get upgrades to current courses and work on new future courses is a big focus for this year and on.

With all of the course and disc golf growth I’m attempting to promote… I’m also trying to promote my growth as a player. Already being signed up for 3 tournaments this spring, and running a league of my own at my course to get competitive practice each week, I’m looking to make 2022 my best disc golf year yet!

What’s in my Bag?

  • Sword, Vandal, and the Heat
  • Ledgestone 2015 Tracker and Sidewinder
  • Kaxe Z
  • DGA Blunt Gumputt and Elevation Interceptor

My Go-To” disc:


  • Indiana, PA