Emily Dale


I’m a competitive strongman athlete and disc golf addict. I got involved in the sport in the Fall of 2020 with my husband as a way to walk our extremely stubborn corgi. We quickly fell in love with the sport and spend as much free time as possible practicing or competing. My favorite places to be are in the gym and on the course.

As a club leader in SVDG, I am involved in league events and hosting some tournaments throughout the season.

In addition to KDG, I’m also sponsored by Discraft Underground and the Ledgestone Ambassador Team.

What’s in my bag?

  • Thrasher, Hades, Zeus
  • Passion, Vulture, Undertow, Raptor, Heat
  • Quake, Buzzz, Comet
  • Fierce

My “Go-To” disc:


  • Selinsgrove, PA