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Keystone Disc Golf

January 24, 2022

Are you ready to showcase your disc golf skills, help grow the sport and represent a local business?



The start of the 2022 Disc Golf season is rapidly approaching in our area and with it comes the time to start accepting applications for the first ever – Team KDG. At Keystone Disc Golf, we enjoy and look forward to doing our part in helping to grow the sport both locally and statewide through running events, event sponsorships & donations, building new courses and continuing to work on and improving existing courses in our immediate area. Our team is going to be a major influence in our efforts to help raise awareness about this amazing sport.

I want to team up and work with individuals who are passionate about disc golf, that go above and beyond to promote the sport and those that want to grow and become better players at every level.

There will be two levels within our team, so before you begin to apply, please review the guidelines of each so that you know which level suits you and if you qualify:

Core Team

The Core team is for the disc golfer who loves the sport of Disc Golf, can’t wait to get out and throw and is actively trying to get more people to play!
They are doing their best to contribute to disc golf in a positive manner throughout their communities. These individuals may not be the highest rated player around, but they have a strong passion and a positive presence within their local disc golf community.
Some prime examples would be: tournament/league directors, club officers, educators, course promoters, course designers and disc golf product reviewers.
These individuals tend to participate in multiple PDGA sanctioned events throughout the year and have a strong & positive social media presence.

Grassroots Team

The Grassroots Team is for the people that love the sport of Disc Golf, enjoy creating and working on local courses and are always promoting and helping to grow the sport in any way they can.
They are doing the work that is needed to be done without being asked to do so and never look to be rewarded for their efforts…A true volunteer!
A Grassroots member is someone that doesn’t play in many PDGA sanctioned events but they still participate in local tournaments/events.
They can help run tournaments/events, leagues, clinics, design courses and more!!!
Some great examples would be: Teachers, Parents and Volunteers.

What Are the Benefits of Being on Team KDG?

All Team KDG members will receive:

Team KDG Swag Pack
Discounts on all in-store products
Opportunities for bonuses based on play at high-level events (B-tier and higher).
Opportunity to win prizes in Team KDG contests throughout the year.
Additional products, credit, and discounts based on production and successfully promoting Keystone Disc Golf!


Core Team members will receive added benefits based on their play in tiered events as well as increases of their PDGA rating. They also have the opportunity to receive a special allotment of personalized discs based on their overall performance at PDGA sanctioned events.
Core Team & Grassroots Team members can earn bonus credit/discounts based upon their referrals to Keystone Disc Golf’s store & website.
Grassroots Team members may also receive other benefits based on their involvement when working with local courses, local events, reviewing products, making videos, and/or posting on social media.

Requirements For Team KDG 2022

Exemplary member in your disc golf community.
Represent the sport & KDG in a positive & professional manner!!!
Be a current PDGA member & Certified Official. (Not required for Grassroots Team)
Interact with (comment, like, and share) Keystone Disc Golf social media posts.
Wear “Team KDG” & “Keystone Disc Golf” apparel at disc golf tournaments/events.
Actively participate in a minimum of five(5) PDGA sanctioned disc golf tournaments/events/leagues throughout the 2022 season.
Take photos, videos and make posts with #TeamKDG and #KeystoneDiscGolf regularly
Have a Keystone Disc Golf profile and use it to review discs and products.
Submit event summaries including: Event name, location, date, course review and event overview of your performance.

How do I increase my chances of making the team?

We will receive a lot of great applications, but will only be able to accept a limited number of team members. A few things that will help your chances of making the team:

Active social media presence with significant following
Actively involved in online disc golf forums and groups
Able to maintain a positive attitude, control your emotions, use clean language, and avoid controversial or negative statements regarding other players in public settings
Regularly participate in and help run local disc golf leagues, tournaments and clinics
Verifiable improvement in your disc golf skills (PDGA rating increases, for example)
History of purchasing products at Keystone Disc Golf…If you don’t know what we have, how can you promote us?

What divisions are available?

The Core Team will consist of 1 male and 1 female player in the following divisions:

MPO/FPO (Pro Open)
MA1/FA1 (Advanced)
MA40/FA40 (Advanced 40+)***
MA2/FA2 (Intermediate)
MA3/FA3 (Recreational)
Junior <15 (Under 15 years of age)

* If there is a division in which a player was not selected, an additional player may be selected from one of the other divisions to fill any remaining positions.

*** If there are no applicants for MA40/FA40 then other protected divisions will be made available including: 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+ & 75+

Within the application, you will be required to select your appropriate division. Once submitted, you will not be able to change divisions…so please take your time and think about your choice.

In Conclusion…

The application process is simple and easy, all you’ll have to do is follow the link below and answer all of the questions honestly. Once you click submit, I will receive your application. The application will be open until March 19, 2022, at 9:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time). All Team KDG members will be announced on March 26, 2022. Between March 19, 2022 and March 25, 2022 I will reach out to the selected applicants who will represent Team KDG for the 2022 season via email with instructions and a team contract.

I look forward to meeting and working with all of you and thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Team KDG!!!


Devon Reynolds

Owner – Keystone Disc Golf





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