The FADE Crunch Box is a damn fine-looking, durable, 10-12 disc bag for everyday play in a bunch of colors. Just owning one will let you tell people you ACE at least one hole every round.

You can search, but you won’t find another bag with a feature list like this one at this price. FADE has a crew of Howler Monkeys that test the bags harder than you’ll ever use it. They’ve thrown it at trees, down hills, run over them with cars, slammed it in the baskets, and drug it through mud.

Notice the side pockets. They are raised up, away from the bag bottom so they don’t drag on the ground and wear around the edges like other bags. Plus, added some of those tiny little feet and a full-bottom support that really works well on a bag this size. This combination keeps the bag upright (most of the time) because it’s no fun when your bag falls over.

You can easily carry 12 discs in the Crunch Box bag, a light jacket, a liter of water, your wallet, car keys, cell phone and one or two small Howler Monkeys. The padded shoulder strap will keep it comfortable. Oh, and the empty bag only weighs just under 20 ounces!?!?! Heck, you’ll need to put discs in it just to keep if from floating away in a light breeze.