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Whether you want to represent your home state/country, your heritage, your favorite places or just have an awesome looking bag these Limited Edition Flag designed Paratroopers are the bag for you!
Regular disc golfers know you can’t ever have just one disc. Even among drivers and midranges, variety is key to success. You can’t carry it all in your hands, though, and while a standard backpack is passable, a disc golf bag delivers the space and features needed for a full day on the course.
Our Paratrooper disc golf bag sets a new standard in terms of storage, features, and value. The Paratrooper models the smaller Trooper’s aesthetic while improving in many key areas. It holds 18+ discs in the main compartment with additional space in the top compartment for putters, more discs, or layers of clothing.
Considering all the variables of a full day on the course, this Dynamic Disc golf bag’s exterior includes two large side storage pockets and two water bottle holders. With added padding for a comfortable carry and added structure to ensure the bag stays upright, the Paratrooper is set to drop your scores and your fatigue!

ASSEMBLY REQUIRED – The Paratrooper ships without its side and back walls inserted in order to not compromise the structure of the bag. To assembly correctly, pull all pocket linings out of the bag for easier access and carefully fit the side and back panels into all corners prior to zipping them into place.


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