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Discraft took the best aspects of the Avenger — its speed and glide — and flatted up the edge. The result is a disc that flies longer and is easier to control.
The Discraft Avenger SS is the perfect disc for intermediate players who want more distance on their backhand throws. This understable disc if fast, but doesn’t require so much speed that it prematurely fades before achieving max distance.
Amateurs will love it for its flat flight and smooth finish. Pros dig it for mondo turnovers and sky rollers that go forever!

ESP Plastic is a highly durable line that was launched in 2006. This type of plastic is made to be very grippy while also being very durable. ESP plastic is non-translucent. Discraft ESP plastic combines the grip of Elite-X with the durability of Elite-Z.  It truly is the best of both worlds-outstanding grip and durability that lasts.

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